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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 2

The Horoscope Project
Day 2: Above All, Remain Persistent

Apparently, others will be touchy and difficult, but I should remain persistent. I am also not supposed to get into a power play with anyone. After a day of sucking it up, I am to be all smiles tonight. Yeah, right.

First off, It’s a given that one of my three children will prove to be difficult at some point in the day, and usually it is the one who likes Power Rangers. He gave me a hard time about; putting his shoes on, brushing his hair, wanting juice- NOT milk, reading, and a million other things I’m too exhausted to remember.  

As far as a power play is concerned, my middle child is under the impression that she really knows best and is only living under her parent’s rule, because her feet can’t reach the pedals in the car yet.

 So just another day here.

I tried my very best to remain persistent today, as I do everyday, because if I don’t, I am dead in the water with them. You can never show your fear. It’s a little like living with wolves, if you want to know the truth.

Oh, and as far as anyone being touchy, well any parent of a teenage girl knows that you ask them how their day was, and get a face full of hormonal tears, so, yeah, just another day.

Tonight, I will paste a smile on my face and hope that my family doesn’t think I have gone over the deep end

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